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https://www.visitsamsoe.dk/When I cut the stones and amber, it’s like opening a book… Evelyn Iversen, Jewelry designer W creative efforts. Not least because the island is rich in rocks from all of Scandinavia which ended up at Samsø during the Ice Age. These particular rocks reveal a very unique structure, when they are being processed. Stones and other natural materials are specially selected by Evelyn herself on her long walks along the beaches of Samsø. Stone, amber and shell pearls When the wind is right, and there is a special weed in the water, Evelyn is also hunting for amber. She has a keen eye for the precious lump of amber and over the years she has found quite a few. And yes - there are real pearls to be found on the island. In autumn, when the large mussels are washed up on the beach, one may be lucky to find a Fairytale projects The span of Evelyn’s jewelry profes - sion has offered many exciting pro - jects, including the cartouche of Her with gold leaf as well as the 10 tab ends that bear the mark of Danish kings. The cartouche was unveiled by festivities at the 350 years anniversary of The Royal Guards. Likewise, Evelyn’s craftsmanship can be admi - red by visitors to the Hans Christian Andersen attraction "The Flying Trunk" in Tivoli in Copenhagen. She is the creator of the silver crown worn by the beautiful swan in the tale of the Ugly Duckling. Samsø is the major inspiration in all of these Blue mussels - The deep blue shells that wash up on the beach are so com - mon in Denmark that one barely notices them. But already several years ago jewelry designer Evelyn Iversen became so fascinated by their beauty that she developed a unique method to harden and process the shells to combine them with stone, amber, silver and gold. This combination is currently one of Evelyn’s signatures. The fine lines and harmony of her jewellery reveals a very profound craftsmanship, which - even under a magnifying glass - can be admired for the thoroughness and subtlety of the whole as well as in the detail. Evelyn’s Heart little pearl inside the shell. They can be up to 4mm in diameter and reveals a fascinating play of colors when viewed against the light. These are of course also integrated in Evelyn’s jewelry. - When I cut the stones and amber, it’s like opening a book, she explains and displays a beautiful green stone, which she has just cut in two. On the outside, it is uneven and rough, but inside it is completely smooth and harmonious with strong graphic lines. The tension between asymmetry, harmony and balance is a central theme of Evelyn’s work as a jeweler. - When I started making jewelry 20 years ago, I applied my skills as a profes - sional decorator as well as I consciously use my life experience and artistic prin - ciples to create harmony and dynamics of jewelry, says Evelyn. An example is the collection Azymetrica in which the contrast between the precious metals, shells, stones and amber, meet in perfect harmony.